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Please join us for our wedding celebration on September 16, 2017

Our Story

The story of Brittany and Adam began when they met in a dive bar in Boston one night after mutual friends had spent an entire year trying to get them together. Adam had intended to go to The Mountain the next morning, but Brittany gave him a kiss, convincing him to save The Mountain for another time and to stay in Boston and hang out with her instead.

But it wasn't just about hanging out in suspicious bars in Boston. Little did Brittany know that very soon, Adam would bring her to visit The Mountain, which turned out -- much to her surprise -- to be many mountains. Nor could she have guessed that throughout the next six years of their relationship, Adam would repeatedly insist that she climb up, ski down, and / or camp on any mountain he could find. They never fought about it once. (OK, maybe a few times.) Adam even proposed to Brittany on a mountain (Mount Royal, which is the eponym of Montreal -- one of their favorite cities to visit together) by dragging her up an ice trail, down a muddy slope, and then asking her whether she could "put up with him" for the rest of their lives. She agreed she could, so he told her that he knew some mountains where they could go have their wedding.

But it wasn't just about mountains. It was also about beaches. Brittany quickly showed Adam that he didn't really understand how "to beach". This may have been because she grew up in sunny, beach-girded Florida, while Adam grew up near Lake Ontario and had lived in Boston for several years. Adam's idea of a beach was a bunch of rocks near some water -- and maybe some flat dirt to sit on if you were lucky. When Brittany introduced him to her beach ritual, he found it all very strange. "So I should just lay here on this towel in the sun, read Harry Potter...?" He found that Brittany would even engage in what she called "tanning" -- this Adam took to mean "not using enough sunscreen, basking in the sun, getting lots of freckles, and then insisting emphatically for days that you definitely have a tan". ("Look how tan I am," Brittany would say to Adam, her eyes wide and smiling, pointing at her white shoulder. Adam found it all very charming in a final-act Lady Macbeth sort of way.) But Adam did notice that, though beach-person he was not, he very much liked going to the beach with Brittany.

But it wasn't just about mountains, beaches, the outdoors in general, or traveling. Brittany and Adam really enjoyed all of that, but as everyone knows, life is more than what you put into your social media feed. Their real adventure, they understand, has taken place in the course of everyday life. After a few years of dating each other, they decided to move in together. (It should be noted that this occurred in less-than-auspicious circumstances, as their move-in date: a) happened to fall on Labor Day weekend, guaranteeing that no one else would be in town to assist; and b) occurred during a violent thunderstorm.) They have lived together now for about four years, and throughout that time they have cooked together, cleaned together, hung out on the couch with their cat / surrogate child Olive together, cried, stressed, planned, and laughed together. They have learned to admire each other's strengths, have empathy for each other's weaknesses, and be amused at each other's quirks. They have learned how to get into arguments with each other, be mad, then get over themselves. They have watched each other grow and confront new challenges, and they have supported each other in dealing with those challenges. They have come to know and love each other's wonderful families and friends.

They are very grateful to have those beloved family and friends with them as they embark on their next adventure.