For those of you who are traveling from out-of-town (which is most of you!), we are so grateful that you are making the trip to New York for our wedding celebration.

Airports that are nearby:
(1) Albany, NY - 1 hour
(2) New York, NY - 3.5 hours
(3) Boston, MA - 3.5 hours


Hampton Inn Oneonta

Block rates are available for $169 per night on September 15-17th. You must book before July 15, 2017 to get this rate.

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We will have a shuttle that will run from the Hampton Inn Oneonta to the wedding location. This will be available to transport guests to Blenheim Hill Farm for the wedding and then back to the hotel. It will pick up from the Hampton Inn at 4:30 and depart from Blenheim Hill Farm at 12:15am. There is parking available, but we highly recommend utilizing the shuttle. The roads around the location are narrow and winding and the bar is open. Please drive responsibly!